About Us

Wayne Blakely

After nearly forty years of living openly as a gay man, Jesus convicted me that I had lived for self instead of for Him. Today I seek to do His will instead of my own.

I write and speak about what God has done in my life and what He promises to do for all who choose to believe in Him and His all-consuming power. 

His love, power and truth is available to gays, homosexuals and same-sex attracted individuals as they seek to know Him better and discover His will for them. Accepting Him as your Savior will bring change to your life. The change is not about sexual identities. The change is in falling in love with Jesus and putting Him in charge of the life He gave you.

The proof of change He has given me, has provided me with opportunities to share my testimony and offer educational and thought provoking seminars for churches, schools, conferences and other organizations.

There are many causes that condition individuals to choose to act out on same-sex behaviors. But there is no sinful condition for which God has not provided a way out and offers redemption.

Feelings of all kinds are used as tools by the enemy to take our focus off of Jesus. Today God has given me a purpose that helps direct those He loves so deeply to consider Him and His plan for mankind.

Many are seeking to rearrange, misinterpret and deny His Word, while what He is asking is for us to value Him enough to deny self.

More than at any other time in the history of this world, God is calling out to those who will surrender and put Him first in their life. The great controversy regarding good and evil is about to end.

I challenge you to be bold in Christ and in the Gospel.  Contact me to schedule these presentations and open the dialog that has been so long overdue.

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